The Maltese World is enriched by the love, devotion, and tireless efforts of Ms. Dina Hunter. Her efforts have been recognized by the American Maltese Association which has bestowed the “Top Breeder Award” upon Dina for two successive years, among other awards. The national registry bears the names of the many Champions of Melitica Maltese, and is testament to Dina's unparalleled success in breeding, and to her immense love of the breed.

At the forefront of Dina's breeding program is an unwavering commitment to breed responsibly, and to rigorously maintain the physical standards of the Maltese. Just as importantly, Dina resolutely toils to breed dogs that are in the best of health and with lovely temperaments. To this end, she is exceedingly successful in breeding beautiful and sound dogs that are wonderful champions, and pets. In Dina you will come to know a breeder of the highest standards, one of integrity, and one with a tender heart.

When I first contacted Dina, it was evident that her primary goal is always to find safe homes for her puppies, where they will be loved and cared for, appreciated as beautiful pets, and cherished for the joy they bring to their families.  Dina knows her puppies, and aptly chooses one to match the needs of prospective parents. We adopted our lovely puppy, “Millie”, in August 2020, and she has been the perfect puppy for us. “Millie" is a very affectionate, vibrant, and playful dog with an engaging and fabulous disposition. She is healthy and intelligent and has been very easy to raise and to train.  It is notable that Dina eagerly and joyfully participates in the life of her pups even when they leave her.  We have sought to keep Dina in our life over the past years. Sharing with her our joy and our stories of beautiful Millie is marvelous for all, especially for Dina who is gratified and comforted in knowing that her puppies have been well placed and happy.  As with any good mother, "Mommy Dina” genuinely celebrates each puppy’s happiness.

Dina has a very sweet love for each and every pup in her program, and this devotion is evident after the adoption into your home and family.  Dina is always present and accessible as a fabulous ally and asset to you in raising your puppy.  She has been a sounding board, and a knowledgeable mentor for me, responding immediately and thoughtfully to every inquiry.  Any time that I have sought her guidance, Dina has been there as a partner for me and for Millie, fully engaged, and genuinely caring. I have been the beneficiary of her vast knowledge and experience with Maltese, and am so grateful to know her, and to experience her immense kindness and support.

I could never have imagined the efforts of a breeder, and the tales of a breeder’s life and work, had it not been for the friendship Dina and I have forged over the past two years.  I now understand that the physical and emotional demands on a breeder are tremendous.  I have listened, and been a witness to Dina's joyful anticipation of new litters, to her sleepless nights as she cares for a new mom and the tiny pups, and to her lovingly nurturing these pups for months.  I have great respect for her ethics, and her commitment. Dina's devotion is unmistakable; the love in her heart is immense.

Dina has provided me with our puppy, Millie, who has become the heart and soul of our family and of our lives.  Each and every day, Millie completely "fills-us-up” with love and joy.  I will be eternally grateful to Dina for our “Millie", my beautiful and loving pal, and the cherished gift of my lifetime.

Jean Fernandes

Nina & Natasha

We searched for years for our Maltese until one day I found Dina’s website. The quality of her beautiful Maltese is superb; their silky coats, big bright eyes, and delicate profiles are irresistible. I fell in love with the photos, one by one of each precious face. Little did I know I had finally reached my ultimate destination; far better than anything I ever imagined. Dina’s Maltese conform to the breed standards.
They are not compromised, as so many are. My friendship with Dina began with a series of phone calls when we became acquainted. I wanted her to be assured of the home and life we would provide her puppies. No reference was off limits to her. The unconditional love, care, and devotion given to every puppy born in Dina’s state of the art Maltese nursery is second to none. She takes meticulous care in choosing each and every family with a rare combination of the love in her heart and her keen sensibilities. Our two precious babies entered our lives in the summer of 2015 and they have made each and every day better, brighter and funnier. They are as beautiful as they are healthy and strong. They are true to the breed; playmates of the royals, intended to be spoiled, look beautiful, to amuse and be amused. Our first hotel stay was at a the Ritz Carlton and they absorbed every luxurious detail. But they are just as happy at home, running in the grass, eating their favorite treats, and most of all enjoying our undivided attention, our love, kisses and infinite baby talk. These babies are about giving love and being loved. They belong with families who are as committed as Dina to their well-being. We are honored and privileged that these our Maltese came from the lady we believe to be one of the best breeders in the world.

Karen and family

Raffi & Rania

When you read a testimonial about a breeder, it is always the same positive declaration of excellence. Dragica Dina Hunter is “the professional breeder beyond excellence.” Listen to her stories, her advice, and support as it is truly from her heart. All of DIna’s delightful puppies are a reflection of her wonderful character. Dina is the amazing, brilliant professional breeder that you are honestly looking for. My family and I have adopted two of Dina’s beautiful puppies and we cherish them both.

I have never met a more gracious, genuine person than Dina and I am also lucky that she has become a most precious friend to me over the last two years. My advice to you is to adopt a puppy from Dina Hunter and never worry about trust. You will not only be comforted in the process but will be unbelievably astonished at how special the journey will be in your new life with a Melitica Maltese.



Penny is adorable! She brings joy and laughter into our hearts and home. She is well socialized, curious, intelligent, calm, and loves to cuddle. Penny and our senior Maltese, Lily, get along splendidly. Penny is physically and emotionally healthy and structurally sound. Dina had her veterinarian do a thorough health check prior to our adoption. At Penny’s first appointment with our veterinarian at home, her impeccable health was noted. Everyone she encounters comments on her beautiful appearance, wonderful temperament and loving personality. We are in love with this affectionate and loyal pup! Our good fortune is due to Dina’s accomplished breeding program and dedication to excellence. We will certainly adopt another Maltese from Dina during the next year.

Dina is a remarkable and ethical breeder. Her Integrity, knowledge, and professionalism is unsurpassed. We are sure that it is Dina’s outstanding breeding program and rearing techniques that have created such exceptional dogs.

Prior to finding Dina, we had an unfortunate experience with receiving an unhealthy puppy from a breeder who was not as trustworthy or forthcoming as I had hoped. We suffered the loss of our beloved puppy much too early from an unacknowledged congenital health issue present at birth.

Afterward, I did extensive research to find a reputable breeder with a commitment to upholding the ethics, standards, and principles of the American Maltese Association. We were blessed to have found Dina who is a true and trustworthy breeder. When we found Dina, and she had puppies available, our family began to heal. We were finally on our way to becoming whole again.

Dina is committed to her lovely Maltese and their smooth transition to their new home. Along with critical information about lineage and pedigree, she offers a care package and an abundance of essential items to take home. Dina also included a favorite toy and blanket, which Penny snuggles with each night. We appreciated all the time and effort that Dina spent getting to know our family and making sure we had all the necessary information and items needed for a successful adoption process. She extends her love to every one of her dogs, and each one is loved as an individual. She is a generous person who extends herself to others. When a family adopts a dog from Dina, she is there for them for life.

Dina’s devotion to her dogs is evident. She is available for support, information and guidance to help new owners through the process. This commitment demonstrates her tremendous love for her dogs and the breed, as well as her ongoing commitment to the families that have adopted her dogs.

Dina offers extensive knowledge of the Maltese breed. This is valuable for adopting families. She is well-read regarding current research on health and nutrition. She is willing to share her knowledge freely with people adopting her pups. Her champions are accomplished and highly regarded in the Maltese community. Her high standards bring a positive impact to the entire Maltese community of breeders, and to those families lucky enough to receive one of her lovely dogs.

We wholeheartedly recommend Dragica Dina Hunter and Melitica Maltese!

The Connor Family

Mindy & Garbo

I first connected with Dina in February 2017. I had spoken to multiple breeders and Dina was the most personal, warm and honest. She was clearly lovingly devoted to and passionate about the Maltese. We had an instant connection.
Soon thereafter I adopted the most gorgeous (people always stop me on the street) loving, smart, funny, athletic and healthy 8-month-old Maltese puppy. I was in love with Maya, (now Garbo) and her Breeder Dina for bringing to me such an angel of light!
Garbo is now about 16 months old and I can’t imagine ever being without her. Dina has maintained a presence in her life, checking on both of us and updating me on any new canine issues that would help her stay healthy.
My ontological connection with Garbo and Dina has vastly enriched the quality and happiness in my life.


Thank you Dina.


Dear Dina,

I cannot tell you how much we adore our little puppy. Daisy is a good name for her because she is such a happy little creature. She is very affectionate and she is strikingly beautiful. I knew that I would receive from you a puppy as well-bred as she clearly is, but I must tell you that the observable difference is stunning. My other two Maltese were also from very reputable breeders and champion lineage, but this puppy’s superior breeding shows in the way she plays, eats, moves in her space, everything. She looks like the other beautiful puppies I saw on your website when I found out about your program.

The biggest surprise for me is that I realize only now that I had no idea what a truly well-socialized puppy was like until she came along. She sees every person who approaches her as a good thing, and eagerly seeks out attention. Her immediate comfort in her new environment shows me that she was always cared for, handled properly, and given plenty of opportunities to learn about and enjoy the world. No one ever played with or handled her the wrong way. I can tell from the way she reacts when I reach out to her. Already, she just melts into me when I hold her. Also, she so loves her food! Thank you for teaching her to eat such a wide variety, and sending it all home with her to ease her adjustment. I found it amazing that she can eat all the different types at her young age. That is so important. She is completely trusting and quite a little piece of perfection! I am so lucky to have found you. We will make sure that our new puppy feels the same way about us. I have never seen a dog sent home with so much love. The blanket, the variety of food, glucose just in case, the toys, the pads, the written information about her care – everything she needed was sent along for her trip home. Mostly, thank you for the time you spent doing the right things with her before we got her. She is already so well-socialized: eating, drinking, trusting and finding joy in novelty rather than fear.

Thank you also for offering your help with any questions about her care and development. I personally want to express how much it means to me that you entrusted one of your precious puppies to us even though we live so far away and I was only able to speak with you by phone. You chose her and kept her for us, and your generosity of spirit means a lot to me especially given the difficult times we’ve all had over the past year. I will stay in touch always. We feel honored that you chose to share her with us, and it feels good to be part of your program.


Mary Kay Hillsley

Lulu lolita

We had the good fortune to meet Dina Hunter which has been a most enriching experience for our family. Dina is a kind, caring and loving soul who brings her goodness into raising perfect Maltese puppies. Our sweet Lulu Lolita will turn one year old on 1/4/19 and this little angel has brought so much love into our lives.

Our love for adorable Lulu is beyond description. She continues to be a calm, healthy & happy puppy who has touched our lives in a profound way. Dina Hunter’s home provides a nurturing and loving environment for her beautiful Maltese. Dina maintains the highest standards in every aspect. Lulu Lolita loves going to visit Dina Hunter and lucky Lulu has
“2 mommies” who love her so very much. Personally, I cannot imagine not staying in touch with Dina Hunter as one’s admiration for her is immediate upon meeting her. I have had small dogs all my life and loved them dearly however there is something uniquely special about our Maltese from Dina Hunter. Lulu’s nature and temperament are the ideal in what one would hope for in their Maltese. I attribute Lulu’s perfect personality to her impeccable lineage and breeding standards maintained by Dina Hunter and the loving home she maintains for her Maltese puppies.

We are grateful to have met Dinah and our Lulu Lolita is a blessing in our lives as she brings happiness and smiles to everyone around her.

Westport, CT


Dear Dina,

When we lost our beloved 12 years old male Maltese to cancer early last November, our hearts were broken. Giacomo was always at our side- he traveled all over the world with us, and charmed everyone that he met. When he died, every moment became filled with the absence of his beautiful and loving Spirit- it was impossible not to feel a heavy sadness in our home and in our life.

After contacting you online at Melitica Maltese, we were offered first, genuine compassion and understanding of our sorrow; and then, also an assurance that you would do all that you could to help us find another perfect boy to share our life. You have more than fulfilled that promise with the gift of our magnificent new puppy Beppe- in physical beauty, temperament, and intelligence, he is beyond perfection!!

It is very clear that this little Maltese has been bred and nurtured with the utmost love and devotion. Strong and healthy, he has adapted beautifully to his new home, and his affectionate nature was immediately shared with my husband and I, and all his new friends and family. We adore him, and cannot thank you enough for entrusting this precious Being to us. Bless you, bless you, Dina, for the kindness, integrity, and love in your creation of our amazing Beppe!!

With our sincere affection,
Kathy and Rocco Capozzi

Masha & Tasha

The Maltese sisters MASHA & TASHA -puppies live in New York with Ana and Nina, two beautiful, young sisters who share the love of music. Ana is a flute aficionado, while Nina is enamored of the violin. Star struck, the little Maltese darlings often join their talented moms in rehearsals, creating squeaky-voiced melodies all their own!

Ana and Nina


Dear Dina,
I cannot stop thinking of our visit, and of meeting Ava, you, Saki, and all of your beautiful and very playful family of maltese.
I was so nervous tonight, and I hope I did not seem ungrateful. I did not want to overstay our welcome, and yet my son could have easily spent countless hours in your kitchen cuddling and kissing and playing with your amazing puppies. Each one is beautiful and unique, and I can tell how much your love for them has made them happy and healthy “award winning” puppies. Ava is a very very special little girl, and we will love her and welcome her into our family. I honestly felt that she and Lucy seemed very comfortable together, and I know they will be sisters and best friends for years to come. My very warmest thanks to you and Saki, for your kindness, hospitality and for giving us the gift of Ava.

Warm wishes & hugs,


Dear Dina,

We are calling Bonbon Sugar, because he is sweetening our lives, in myriad ways, every day. All the members of our family have become addicted to loving him. He has the most delightful personality we have ever met in a dog, and it would have been impossible to love him any less. He is also the most beautiful Maltese, a true head-turner.
Every time we go for a walk, people look at him in admiration. I think that you would be pleased to hear that he is the big ambassador of the beautiful dogs that you breed.

Thank you for trusting us with him, and for making the adoption process a joyful experience for us. We are truly grateful to you for this gift of love.

Belgrade, Serbia

Moby & Mia

If you are a lover of the Maltese breed and are looking for a beautiful puppy to adopt, I know you will fall in love with Dina Hunter’s puppies. I am the proud owner of two, because one wasn’t enough, of her enchanting dogs.
MOBY came first and shortly to follow our precious MIA arrived. They quickly became best friends and, of course, are a joy to our family.
Dina’s dogs are simply lovely and are raised in her home which provides an environment of the highest standards. Some of her dogs are kept for show while others may be adopted. I have never met a more caring, selective, and informative breeder who loves each and every one of her dogs. Thank you Dina for MOBY and MIA who enrich our life and bring such happiness to our world.

Cape Cod dog lover

our precious gift “whispering darling”

Words cannot express the honor and gratitude I have for Dina Hunter for choosing me to adopt her darling girl “Whisper”. My life was at a dramatic turning point when my husband had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, and at the same time our dearly beloved Maltese of 13 years became fatally ill…needless to say, our loss was devastating!! My burdens became excessively worse with the progression of my husband’s disease, and with the loss of our Maltese “Happy”, my life was truly unbearable!!

Finally less than a year later, I decided to look into getting another Maltese with the help of my two concerned loving daughters by my side! We checked out the pet shops nearby, and we were appalled by the filth & smell, as well as the condition of those poor little caged-up innocent puppies!! In addition to the high price tags, the help was very unknowledgeable!! I left in utter disgust & decided I was not ready for another companion!

Then the Miracle happened and the news was brought forth to my daughter of a Maltese up for adoption! Being very reluctant, I was strongly encouraged by my girls to not pass up this wonderful opportunity! We met with Dina Hunter, a highly professional Breeder & owner of Melitica Maltese the next day, and my life began to blossom! We instantly felt the powerful attraction of her total love & care for her beautiful, exceptional Maltese family!! Her doggies are well bred & brought up in a private, gorgeous home in Weston, CT, all happy and protected in a spotless environment!! Each and every one of them are lovingly & personally cared for by Dina & her dear, sweet assistants. Each one is bountifully beautiful & extremely well behaved with perfectionate training, which makes it hard to decide. But Dina’s professional expertise knew exactly which one was for me!! Before I knew it, I was bringing my new dearest darling 5 year old girl “Whispering Muse”, “my spiritual Awakening,” home with me to mend my aching heart! Through God’s grace of guiding me to my angel & dearest friend Dina, my days have been brightened & blessed with the comfort & warmth of this little body of love beside me each morning!
I continue a heartwarming & trustworthy relationship with Dina, for my family & I remain forever grateful!!

We Love You!!

Marcia, Paul, Margo & Kimmy

Ave aka Sabrina

As I was perusing the internet I came upon the Melitica Maltese site. What an amazing find! The photo of a beautiful Westminster Champion AVA and her handler caught my eye. I went to the puppy link and to my delight were more amazing pictures of the most adorable Maltese puppies, each one exceptionally beautiful and handsome. I knew then that I would love to own one of these particular puppies. I contacted the breeder, Dragica Dina Hunter, to inquire about the availability of a puppy. Unfortunately, none were available at that time. Dina was extremely pleasant and friendly.

After conversing with her, I realized she was a responsible, caring breeder. She informed me that she did have a sweet two-year-old female that she felt would be a perfect match for my family. What inspired me to look further into this arrangement was Dina’s concern for her little Ave. She wanted her to have a loving forever home with a family that would shower her with affection. Well, Dina certainly knows her dogs well, for Ave has proven to be a sweet, loving, and charming little Maltese. We feel extremely fortunate to have been accepted as an adoptive family. We have renamed her Sabrina which suits her well.

Thank you, Dina, for being such a responsible and caring breeder who produces beautiful-quality Maltese, and thank you for allowing us the pleasure of enjoying life with our lovely Sabrina.



Hi Dina,

I just have to let you know just how much joy Romeo is bringing to our family. He is like a breath of fresh air and has breathed new life into our lives. He has a very sweet personality and is adjusting nicely to our home. I also want to thank you for your care, thoughtfulness, and integrity that you obviously have in your breeding of such a beautiful puppy. As you know, Romeo is our second Maltese. I am certainly not an expert, but very familiar with the breed, and he is just perfect! A true testament to the Maltese breed, but more importantly, is that he is going to be such a wonderful addition to our family. We love him so, and can’t thank you enough!



daisy “the perfect match”

After losing our last Maltese, Missy, my husband and I were heartbroken. Searching for a healthy Maltese line, I read that Dina did genetic testing. We were very impressed.

From my first conversation, Dina has been a pleasure. She is warm, kind and lovely.
Meeting Dina, her puppies and adults were amazing and fun. They all had such beautiful faces and silk coats. We could clearly see they were all happy, healthy, energetic and well taken care of. They were of a quality we hadn’t seen before. We felt confident Dina could match us with the right puppy. It was very exciting the day Dina called and said she had the perfect puppy for us.

The day we adopted Daisy was very emotional. Dina had prepared a cute bag with food and Daisy’s favorite things. Dina showed me one little squeaky ball and said “this is her favorite toy” and it is to this day. When it was time to leave, I placed Daisy on my husband’s lap in the car, turned to wave goodbye as Dina watched from the doorway. She was softly crying. It warmed my heart to know Daisy came from such a wonderful, loving home and person.

Daisy has captured our hearts with her sweet personality, beautiful little face, funny antics and loving ways, We will always be grateful to Dina for our little Daisy. To adopt one of Dina’s dogs is a gift, a “perfect match”.

Betty and Larry Gilpin


My brother and sister said tonight that he could not be more perfect for our family. The best puppy ever. You should be so very proud of what you do! Emma is now saying she wants to do what you are doing when she grows up!

And so I thank you again… Thank you for creating such a wonderful home in which he had the privilege of being raised, thank you for all the love and care that is the foundation of his gentle soul and most of all, thank you for entrusting your precious baby to us… Please know he has already secured a place in all of our hearts.

Your hand raising him has made him so endearing. Thank you for choosing him for me. He’s just gorgeous…

Ellen Bates

poema aka vivien

To make a long story short I was in the market to adopt another dog for my 6-year-old Maltese. we lost his brother in June and were all devastated. While in my search I came across Dina’s website. Not only were the pups adorable but most notably Dina seemed to be an exceptionally responsible breeder. After speaking with Dina and explaining my circumstances she recommended I meet with some of her mature pups that were up for adoption. At first, I had some reservations about adopting an older dog. I was afraid the dog wouldn’t be well socialized and hard to house train. Then I met a 3 1/2 year old female named Poema (now Vivian) and immediately fell in love. Within a few days, my reservations about adopting an older dog melted away. She is so smart, well socialized, and healthy. All a testimony to Dina’s ability to breed a well-rounded dog. It was clear to me that Dina loved her too and was happy to know she was going to a loving home. If there is anyone who is considering adopting an older pup I would definitely recommend Melitica Maltese. I am thankful I did every day.

Kristin Albanese


We recently adopted a female Maltese puppy from Dina Hunter of Melitica Maltese.  Dolly immediately became an adorable and loving member of our family.  For background, we had recently lost a loving pedigree dog (not a Maltese) within the past year due to a chronic, congenital disorder.  Subsequent to our loss we researched several other breeds and ultimately selected the Maltese.  From the first time we spoke with Dina Hunter we immediately realized she was the breeder for us.  She is dedicated to raising healthy, well-adjusted puppies in a safe and wonderful home environment.  Dina’s breeding standards, exceptional blood lines, and dedication to help ensure her puppies are free from genetically inherited disorders were all extremely important to us. What impressed us most was Dina’s patience and willingness to listen to our needs and expectations.  She takes great pride in matching her puppies with their new adopted parents to help ensure a good fit that will evolve into a life-long partnership. In our minds Dina stands tall amongst her fellow breeders.  She is a warm, genuine and very giving individual.  Dina’s love and caring manner is reflected in her adults and puppies.  Our little Dolly is absolutely gorgeous and extremely emotionally balanced.  She conforms to the standard but more importantly for us is that Dolly is a very loving and outgoing puppy who quickly adjusted to her new home and family. The adoption does not end with you taking your new addition to the family home. Dina makes herself readily available for continued support if needed.  In the end, the new owners of an adoring Maltese are also “adopted” by Dina into her growing, extended family.  Dina has our highest recommendation without any reservation.

Charlie and Georgie
Plymouth, MAS


I received a gift from heaven last December 20, 2017 – a beautiful Maltese dog named “Daisy”. She was just about 2 years old. She filled our hearts with love immediately.

Daisy had no problem adjusting to her new home and parents. She is a sweet little girl with a placid disposition. Daisy loves to take long walks and prefers to use nature for a bathroom.
She loves to have a basket of stuffed animals to play with. She is low maintenance doggy but demands that I take her to the salon every five weeks. Beauty comes first. Daisy wasn’t born with all these amazing traits. Her breeder’s devotion, love, and experience was the key to creating Daisy’s awesome personality.

Daisy had entered my life after moving to a new home where I had begun the recovery from breast cancer. I have had a double mastectomy and was frightened and lonely. I desperately needed the companionship of a small dog, which at the time I could hardly afford, yet I had placed a call to Dina Hunter. She graciously listened to my entire life story, then she had offered me Daisy on a sole condition that she would be loved and well cared for. I had gratefully accepted her offer and my husband and I went to Connecticut to bring her home. Daisy has given us a new beginning. She is a very happy pooch who is always wagging her tail. Her good morning greeting consists of slurpy kisses. Daisy enjoys long walks every day which I would not do until she came along. We are her playmates and she is in charge which makes us laugh. She is our sunshine and continues to brighten our lives when the skies get gray.


I can’t believe that in January Tessie will have been with me for 3 years. In November 2015 my Maltese died and I was heartbroken. When I called Dina she was so kind and sympathetic. She had recently had 2 litters and asked me to come to see the puppies. I was so impressed by the care, attention, and love the puppies were receiving from her. I fell in love with this little beauty. Waiting for her to mature a little bit was difficult but Dina often sent photos and I visited her again. Tess is playful, smart and above all lovable.

Tessie keeps me very busy. Just managing her Instagram account of nearly 23,000 takes time. I’m thinking of hiring a personal assistant for her.

I am so grateful to Dina for giving me the opportunity to have this adorable Maltese in my life.

Marilyn Young


In early December 2018 we lost our 13 year old Maltese unexpectedly. We were incredibly broken-hearted and very concerned for our 5 year old Pomeranian who lost her companion so suddenly.

We have always adopted rescue dogs, but our Maltese, as much as we loved him, had some very bad behavioral problems from abuse he had endured before we adopted him. We decided to look into finding a reputable breeder. After many hours of research, we came upon Melitica Maltese. However, because our Pom is 5, we knew we didn’t want a puppy. We took a chance and emailed Dina to see if she had any young adults available. It turns out she had Bunny, a 1.5 year old male who was retired from breeding. After seeing photos of him, we drove 2.5 hours to meet him. Once we met him, it was a done deal. Bunny is the sweetest, kindest, most gentle dog I have ever met. His temperament was perfect for our Pom and they bonded within a few days. He had amazing energy like a puppy, but then also had the maturity of an older dog. I really believe bringing Bunny into our lives is one of the best things we ever did.

Dina raises her Maltese which such warmth and kindness, that it was not surprising at all how well-adjusted Bunny was. After some early shyness, he fully came into his personality after a few weeks. He is energetic, fun, mischievous, and loving. We are so grateful to Dina for all of her time and help through this process and for introducing us to such a wonderful addition to our lives.

If you are considering adding a Maltese to your family, I would highly recommend adopting one of Dina’s adult dogs. Puppies are wonderful, but they are not always right for every situation. Bunny truly is the best of both worlds!

Thank you, Dina!
Brandie Conforti


In October 2018, our beautiful Maltese, Quincy, passed away suddenly from acute kidney failure at the age of three and a half. My family and I were devastated and our grief was beyond words.  We needed to explore the possibility of getting a new puppy and began to explore the Internet for breeders on the East coast. In our search, we came up with several breeders who were within a reasonable traveling distance. By telephone, I reached out to the American Kennel Club (AKC) to inquire about several breeders. The breeder who stood out the most was Dina Hunter who is the owner of Melitica Maltese. Dina, you were the only breeder who was a member of the AKC Bred with H.E.A.R.T. Program (Health, Education, Accountability, Responsibility, and Tradition) which promotes excellence in breeding through education and health testing. We were very impressed with you and with your credentials. When I informed you of my recent loss of my Quincy, your compassion and warm demeanor comforted me in a way no words can express. You patiently listened to me as I told you my story. As I cried, as I was consumed with guilt, you helped to console me and you helped me through all the emotions I was feeling. After our hour-long conversation and with the information provided by the AKC, I knew I had found in you, a very competent breeder who had very high standards for breeding.

We went to your home in Connecticut on a Sunday afternoon to meet you and your puppy. You welcomed us into your home where you interviewed us. We talked for awhile as we got to know each other. You then brought this beautiful, shy male Maltese puppy out to meet us. It was love at first sight! I knew I had found the puppy who would help me through my grief. As we began the process of purchasing him, you showed confidence in selling him to us and our being his forever parents. We were all very happy and excited to take our little guy home! You sent us home with his blanket, toys and food to get us started. You literally thought of everything to make the transition from your home to ours as easy as possible for our new little puppy.

Based on our experience with the purchase of our beautiful puppy we named Milo, I would highly recommend you, Dina Hunter, owner of Melitica Maltese. You are not only an excellent breeder, you are a sweet and lovely lady who loves your puppies and takes great pride in selecting their forever families. Our Milo is a very healthy, smart, fun-loving and special puppy. He aced puppy school and is one exceptional little guy who is on his way to earning his AKC Canine Good Citizenship Certificate! Milo is the smartest, sweetest, funniest, playful and most adorable puppy because he came from your excellent breeding of Maltese puppies and also because of all the love you give them from the day they are born! Our Milo is proof of your excellent breeding and love. Milo gives his love back to our family every day! He brought the sunshine back into our home and for that I am grateful to you, Dina Hunter!

God bless you always,
Kathy and George


Dina Hunter is a remarkable breeder and one only has to own one of her dogs to know this.
Having found the perfect breeder while bringing “Buddha” into our lives at 63 years old  made all the difference. He seems simply perfect both physically and mentally. We truly have a wonderful marriage and life and how it has been enhanced by Buddha’s incredible spirit and through Dina’s exemplary breeding could not have been fully anticipated.

For us, the decision to move forward depended on the good luck of finding the right breeder, one who who really knows dogs, who has an extraordinary sense about them.
We would happy to speak with anyone personally and at greater length should you be contemplating and be fortunate enough to have Dina consider you as an owner of one of her pups.”

Steven and Janet Albahari
Cape Cod, Mass.


Dear Dina !!

We can’t thank you enough, there are no words to express our gratitude for letting us adopt Sophie ❤ We had a wonderful experience, Dragica Dina Hunter has the best Malteses. She is a wonderful breeder, so caring, selective and lovely ! Sophie has been the perfect dog for our family. She has the best friendly and sweet personality. We love her so much and we can’t imagine our family without her. We are so grateful to you Dina. Thank you thank you !
“Thank you for the best dog of the world” (words from Marie, my 8 year old daughter) !!

Thank you Dina


Fiona Marie

Fiona Marie joined our family in May 2015. The previous November we lost our beloved Maltese, Lucia Frances, and I thought I would never be able to subject myself to loving a pet that much again. But I came upon Dina’s website and was moved by how much she loves and dotes on her Maltese. After speaking with her, I felt to adopt one of her puppies would be a privilege. Her warmth and kindness was easy to read over the phone and my feeling about her was affirmed when we met in person. When I went to her home to meet Fiona for the first time, there was a sea of beautiful white Maltese, all groomed and cared for impeccably. She introduced me to Fiona’s mother and brother, and I could see how much Dina loved each of her dogs. They were not tools for breeding, showing, or making money, but members of her family. Dina is so knowledgeable about the breed and their care and it was evident she gives them everything they need to be healthy and happy. I began to feel bad taking Fiona away from such a wonderful life. I am so grateful to Dina for allowing us to adopt her beautiful puppy. Not only is she a true beauty on the outside, but thanks to Dina’s responsible and knowledgeable breeding, Fiona is precious on the inside too. She is a healthy, spunky, feisty, hilarious little girl and we are all absolutely crazy about her. It has been an honor adopting a Maltese puppy from Dina and I am so proud to welcome this beautiful girl into our home and hearts.

The O’Shea Family, Long Valley, NJ


Pip's personality shines through by the minute; every hour he grows more lively and confident! He is captivating to watch as he runs around, chases his tail and grows even more adorable right before my eyes... He perks up whenever the children are near and "calls them back" if they leave without making enough fuss of him. Pip has already formed a unique attachment toward myself which I certainly did not expect quite this soon. He is constantly at my side - lying on my feet as I cook, following me in whichever direction I move and lying next to me as I type this email. He has become my little piece of heaven on Earth and has filled a void I previously thought impossible.

Thank you for creating such a wonderful home in which he had the privilege of being raised, thank you for all the love and care that is the foundation of his gentle soul and most of all, thank you for entrusting your precious baby to us... Please know he has already secured a place in all of our hearts.